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Peach Airlines (PA) was the first domestic airline I flew back when I was living in Osaka, and went to Tokyo for the first time with my friends during our winter break. Back then, I didn’t even know about ‘budget airlines’ and was genuinely surprised at the cost of the airfare and assumed it was a ‘Japan thing’. Fortunately, it’s a ‘budget airline’ thing and Peach Airlines is great!
The first slight I took with Peach was from Osaka to Tokyo. The round trip cost me around ¥7,000 ($75.00 CA) which is lower than their usual because I was lucky enough to snag the tickets during a campaign sale. Compared to before, they have even more campaigns and sales that are run throughout the year. On average, a round trip might cost around ¥10,000 ($120.00 CA) from Osaka to Tokyo. 
I was able to snag one way tickets to South Korea for roughly ¥3000 (or around $36.00 CA). What a steal! Last year, my one way tickets to Taipei cost around ¥4000 ($45.00 CA). There was a special three day campaign, and I booked the tickets a minute before closing. I usually purchase tickets only during their sales or promotions. On top of having promotions when adding destinations, they usually have sales for golden week, obon (in August), Christmas/New Year, and sporadically whenever they need to fill in empty seats. The sales usually run for 3 days or more, so make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to get all the updates on their campaigns.
Booking with Peach is very easy, and I never encounter any problems. Like with many other airlines, the ticket will only work with the registered name during the time of purchase. It may be very difficult to transfer the ticket to a friend, or to anybody else. Make sure to call their number as soon as you can to inquire. Furthermore, because PA is a budget airline the carry-on is limited to one piece. The standard PA ticket fare does not include any free check in baggage. However, with a PA+ ticket, one piece of check in baggage along with your carry-on will be free. Anything else on the standard ticket will have an additional charge.  
PA offers destinations that are quite popular. Check out the image below to get an idea of their destinations.
-Naha (Okinawa)
-Shin Chitose (Sapporo)
-Hong Kong
-Taoyuan (Taipei)
-Kaohsiung (Taipei)
-Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok)
-Pudong (Shanghai) 
-Busan (South Korea)
-Seoul/Incheon (South Korea)
No complaints with the plane. With Japanese service and hospitality, it really is one of the best in the world. Although a budget airline, you may not even notice with Peach. During all flights with Peach, all were punctual and the plane was clean and even offered Peach exclusive merchandise. You have the option of purchasing a seat that is slightly more spacious, with an additional charge.
Be Careful NOT to…
…MISS the check in time!! For domestic flights, check-in closes 30 minutes before departure. For international flights, check-in closes at 50 minutes before departure. 
On my flight home to Tokyo from Taipei, I arrived at the check-in counter 55 minutes before the flight time. Prior to this as I was in the taxi with my boyfriend (we were supposed to take the bus to the airport, but since we were running late we thought maybe taking a taxi although more expensive, would be better since we didn’t have to stop multiple times), I was attempting multiple times to call the check-in counter; but to no answer. When I arrived at the counter, it was already closed and there were no Peach staff anywhere at all.
The most frustrating part was knowing I was at the airport, along with the airplane I was supposed to take, but would not be able to board.  
Make sure to arrive with plenty of time before your flight. Don’t be like me who really wanted to wait for the delicious custard balls at a restaurant to cook, and kept telling her boyfriend ‘don’t worry, we’re still on time!’ … 
Overall, as long as you follow and read PA’s rules carefully and understanding their policy, you’ll have a great time with Peach. They offer great service with great prices. Compared to the other budget airlines I’ve briefly discussed on Best Budget Airlines in Japan, Peach offers the best fares and I try to book with them as often as I can. 
Have you flown Peach before? What did you think about it? Did you miss your flight? Let me know in the comments below!
This post is not sponsored in any way by Peach Airlines, and all thoughts and opinions are mine. 


Hi, I'm Bettina

Hi, I'm Bettina

I believe life is an adventure and the best dreams are the kind made into reality through faith and hard work. A passion for travel and exploration, as well as self-development and entrepreneurship.


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