My Travel Style

Every traveller has a style, there are no two identical types of travellers. Most would simply categorise one into either being a tourist, or a traveller which I don’t think is necessarily fair. Every situation is different, and everyone’s interests and needs are also different. Although I want to do my best with every post and article I write to provide you with the best possible information, please remember that my travel style may differ from yours and like with all things, to take it with caution. I recommend to take the advice or information that would prove to be beneficial for you, and customise it accordingly. 


Some people travel to see the architecture, eat delicious food, go shopping, enjoy the city, or like me; to explore the nature offered in that country. Check out my top three priorities when deciding where to travel to next:

For me, nature is really important when travelling. Although the cities may be beautiful, I would rather see the nature aspect of the country. Some people feel the most alive in cities, while I feel the most alive ad exhilarated when surrounded by nature (oceans, mountains, forests… you name it!)

The second priority would be the culture, I’m sure most of you would agree! To be honest, nature and culture is pretty tied. I would want to visit a new country to experience the local culture of course! In a new place, I love trying local food and interacting with locals as much as possible. For an introvert such as myself, it can be scary sometimes but so rewarding. Whenever I have the chance when travelling, I want to learn as much about where I am as much as possible. To truly appreciate one’s culture, I believe it’s important to also take the time to understand and learn about the history, religious systems, customs, etc. That’s why it’s great to visit places such as the local museums and historical landmarks.

Since I could remember, I loved climbing trees. The higher the tree, the stronger the adrenaline! After bungy jumping and sky climbing for the first time in Canada, I knew I needed more. Whenever I mention my passion for these, I’m often greeted with surprise and disbelief. It’s no wonder that sky diving, scuba diving, sky gliding and more are on the top of my list of activities to do! Do I get scared? YES. But the feeling afterwards? So worth it.   


Ah, the famous debate among travellers. Personally, it would depend on the location I’m travelling to. I believe there are pros and cons to both, and using either or doesn’t make you less or more of a traveller. If possible, I’d like to have one suit case and one backpack. For example, if I were to have a ‘base’ in one area, but travel to multiple neighbouring areas, I would have the suitcase but leave it at my base location, and use the backpack for the mini trips around the area. However, if I were to travel continuously and not return to a primary area, I would just use a backpack. On the contrary, I’d bring a suitcase if I knew I’d be moving to one place for a long period of time.  

It’s also important to consider factor’s such as roads, accessibility, etc. before deciding. In Europe where the roads may be very bumpy and stoney, it may not be the most practical to drag a suit case everywhere. Again, on the flip side if you were to be tour bussing to most places, it might not matter too much. For me who unfortunately has a smaller body frame (something that I really wish I didn’t have) sometimes it can get tough to carry over 40lbs on my back for long periods of time without causing really bad body aches. When using a backpack, I try to pack as light as possible. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet (unless you count Gr. 6 where I was the only one with a wheeled backpack and I felt so weird, although I thought it was so cool before classes started!), but I hear having a backpack with wheels has proven to be very efficient for a variety of travels. 

Do you have a wheeled backpack? What do you think about it? Which one do you prefer, and why? 


When I was younger, I was all for spontaneity. I believed the best things and moments in life for the spontaneous ones. I loved the word spontaneous so much, ask any of my friends growing up what my favourite word was, haha. Growing up, I don’t necessarily believe that to the core anymore. The balance between planning, and being spontaneous is the formula to a great time. Planning too much and not expecting or being open to changes can dampen the trip, while not having a plan can waste valuable time and money. I try to make a general plan of what the top things I’d like to do/see are, but know that if anything does come up (last minute change of plans, etc.) then it is completely fine to diverge from the original plan – sometimes this makes the trip even better! 

Things are never set in stone, and in a blink of an eye something or everything can change. I try to have a general idea of what I’d like to do, but I also love being surprised and waking up not knowing what I’m going to do that day. Life is the biggest adventure of them all – and no matter how much we try to plan, well things sometimes just don’t go according to plan.  


My general rule is, the lighter the better. When I first started to travel with my parents, I would pack so many things into my suitcase. I was almost always nearing excess. I packed way too many different clothes, shoes, and accessories I really wouldn’t even use. I realized that once I got to my destination, I ended up buying small souvenirs or local T-shirts, etc. anyways that would serve as clothing for my duration there, and I could reuse only a few shirts that would already be sufficient for the rest of the trip. Good thing I no longer pack as heavily as I did before! I guess experience (lugging/paying for excess baggage is never fun) can do that to you. 

Now, I’m much better. I try to bring one of each ‘category’. For example, let’s pretend I’ll be going to Hawaii for one week. This is what I would pack:

(Go to Library to download your own Packing List Spreadsheet)

Even now, I’m still trying to improve my packing skills and keep challenging myself to pack less, and less. Sometimes it can be a mental puzzle! Just remember, less is more. Not only will you thank yourself later, but your body and wallet might thank you too!


Whether or not it’s on travel, everyone spends their hard earned money differently. For me, when I’m at a new place most of my money would go to experiences. This can include money spent on food at a night market, the tram taken to go to a viewing spot, the cost of park entries, etc. A big part of that would go to food. I’m not one to buy a souvenir for all my friends and family, unless I know it’s something they’ll truly use/appreciate or love. I also don’t spend a huge time for shopping, as I usually have no intention of buying things I could get back home. An exception to this would be local foods, and local markets – which I love!

In general, I try to spend the least amount possible on airfare and lodging, so I have the rest to spend on food, and experiences. I might eat at a restaurant, but I also love eating at the local markets or at small ‘in the hole’ places. It’s interesting to note that when travelling with family, I tend to only stay at hotels but when with friends or alone, I opt for a hostel. When travelling with my boyfriend, I love to stay and try out different Airbnbs.


I hope this small post helps gives you an idea on the kind of travel I do and enjoy! Let me know in the comments below what kind of travel you do and enjoy the most, and what you like to spend money on during a trip, and what kind of suitcase or backpack you use. Thanks for reading, until next. xx


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