about de moi et tu (me and you)

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Hi there, I’m Bettina.

Welcome! Also known as the awkward adventurer – awkventurer. I’m a 23 year old introvert turned semi-ambivert (ha!) Canadian girl with big dreams. I’m currently living and working on them for a short while as an expat in Tokyo, Japan.

For anyone who’s known me since I was young, travel, cultures, and adventure has always been my life passion. It’s not a coincidence that in 5th grade, we had to complete a ‘life goals’ assignment and at the top of mine was written, ‘travel the world’. I’m working on it! 

Travel is not my only passion. I’m also passionate about inspiring and making our world a little more kind and understanding (cheesy I know!). I hope through this blog I can contribute in some way. I’m particularly interested in entrepreneurship (learn more here) and self-development (learn more here). 

In my free time you can find me making videos on YouTube, dabbling in a little web development and marketing, Japanese, French, watching movies, or playing Biohazard (Resident Evil).  

Let’s go on an adventure!

I believe we all have the potential to unlock the best version of ourselves, and by doing so pursuing our passion in life. My passion is travel, and through this website I want to share with you my journey creating my entrepreneurial business as a means to pursue my passion full time (that’s honestly so terrifying even to say!).  But with like anything else, it doesn’t just happen over night and sometimes we need a push towards the right direction – and right resources, and right timing. 


Whether your passion is exploring the world, sharing your art, starting your own blog/business or just getting through life; I hope you not only take away some great travel and personal advice/tips from my website, but also use it as a great resource for positivity and hustlin’ your dreams (we got this. Together).

“I’m just an ordinary girl living in an extraordinary world who really wants to live life to the fullest.”

It’s so easy to see people once they’ve already achieved their dreams, and at times it feels like we aren’t able to do the same thing – after all, we’re so ordinary… right? Wrong! I hope to show that anyone from any background can do their best to reach their dreams. I’m not there, and maybe you aren’t either, but together we will get there.

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