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You can find me here, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have a specific question, Twitter would be the best place to ask and get a quick response! Feel free to leave any questions or comments related to any post on my website down in the comments under the article. If you’d like to work with me, please fill in the message form below. I’m looking forward to talking with you! 


Find my videos on Travel, life, Disney, miscellaneous things, and a new series I’m hoping to have out soon. On good days, expect videos to be released once a week! If you have any video requests, make sure to leave it in the video comments or direct tweet me!



Try sending me either a direct message, or tweet on Twitter for anything at all! It can be a specific question, or a completely random question. Cake, or pie? Pie! Vanilla, or chocolate? Vanilla! PS4 friend code? Tweet and ask. 😉



Feel free to leave any comments or questions on my pictures! You may not get an immediate response, but I’ll do my best to respond back.


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Hi, I'm Bettina

Hi, I'm Bettina

I believe life is an adventure and the best dreams are the kind made into reality through faith and hard work. A passion for travel and exploration, as well as self-development and entrepreneurship.


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