Do you have to be Rich to Travel?

There seems to be an assumption that people who are ‘rich’ are the only ones able to travel. What do I think? NO! Completely not true. As an only child, people have always assumed that my parents pay for my travels which is not true. When I went to study abroad in Japan for a year, I’ve already been working at two different jobs for two years while attending university full time. It’s all about working and saving hard. You don’t need to be rich, you just need to know your priorities and what you want.   

How old are you?

I get this question a lot here in Japan (and It might be because I look forever 14 years old – who knows! 😛 ) but I started living in Tokyo for the first time when I was 21. At this point, I was already finished with university. I finished all my courses and requirements for university earlier than 4 years, but still waited to the end of 4 years to walk the stage (hence living in Japan and traveling back to Canada to walk the stage). So now, I am 23 turning 24 this year (2017)!  I probably will stay here one more year before heading home or – who knows? 

You have to be extroverted and outgoing to Travel, right?

No, no, no! There’s a reason why I call myself the ‘awkward adventurer’ – awkventurer. I am by no means the extroverted, super outgoing/social, crazy courageous type we may often associate adventure, and travelling. That’s one of the reasons I made this blog – to inspire and show that anybody can literally travel. Read Why Awkventurer? for more info!  

What kind of Camera do you use?

I’ve loved cameras since I was in elementary school (Gr. 5 to be exact!). I used to bring them to school and take pictures of literally everything. Back then, it wasn’t toooo strange. Or… maybe I just didn’t care! 😉 At the moment, I’m using and loving the SONY brand of SLR/SLT’s. I currently own the Sony a6100 and a55 (love the alpha series). If I had the money, I’d love to splurge one day on a Canon 7D, etc. But for now, head over to my Recommendations to see the cameras I’m using or Product Reviews to read more about it.  

What kind of Travel do you do, or like?

For more information on my travel style, please click here

When did you First Start to Travel?

I was very fortunate to have parents who loved to travel since I was small. They made sure we travelled at least one international, and one (or as often as we could) domestic trips every year. It was not uncommon for me to go on a road trip with my parents every long weekend, or holiday. By age 18, I was able to travel to every province in my home country of Canada – and it’s absolutely beautiful. Because Canada is so close to America, I’ve had the chance to travel to some areas of The U.S. (7 states but hope to travel in The U.S. more). I credit and thank my parents for instilling that sense of travel and adventure in my from a young age.   

Who do You Travel with?

I have travelled with my friends, parents, boyfriend, and myself (although I’d like to go on even more solo trips!) 

Why are you living in Japan?

To be fair, I think this question is most asked towards my parents who are back in Canada. There are quite a few reasons why I’m currently in Japan. After a year in Osaka and coming home to Canada, I wanted to experience living in Tokyo (which I was really unfamiliar with) and trying to catch some opportunities since it’s currently a great time to be in Japan at the moment (with the 2020 Olympics coming up)! True, there are many opportunities and during my time here I’ve done miscellaneous things and learnt so much about myself. I’m currently working on a business project that I’m planning to release later this year, which I can only do here in Japan. If all goes according to plan, I’d like to move elsewhere and become a full time digital nomad.  

Why did you Start this Blog?

I wanted to create a space for me to share and connect with others with a passion for travel. I also want to share my journey on entrepreneurism, as I create a motivating and positive space for those working on their dreams. 

Why do you call yourself the 'Awkward Adventurer'?

I’m Awkward, and I love Adventure! But in all seriousness, head over to Why Akwventurer? 

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