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Sakura 2017

Sakura 2017 Follow my Blog with BlogLovin' about     I believe life is an adventure and the best dreams are the kind made into reality through faith and hard work. A passion for travel and exploration, as well as self-development and...

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My Travel Style

My Travel Style Every traveller has a style, there are no two identical types of travellers. Most would simply categorise one into either being a tourist, or a traveller which I don't think is necessarily fair. Every situation is different, and everyone's interests...

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Peach Airlines

Peach Airlines   Peach Airlines (PA) was the first domestic airline I flew back when I was living in Osaka, and went to Tokyo for the first time with my friends during our winter break. Back then, I didn't even know about 'budget airlines' and was...

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Sakura in Kyoto: Keage Incline

Keage Incline 2016 There is something beautiful beyond words every time one experiences Japanese Cherry blossoms for the first time. Of course, the cherry blossom (Sakura) is not just a flower but also a cultural symbol of Japan. Wherever you go in the...

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How to Prepare for Summer in Japan

7 things you need for a Japanese Summer So the cherry blossoms have fallen, and the blazing heat of the rising sun is upon you. What just happened?! One minute the weather was but perfect and now you can barely walk outside for five minutes before you...

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where to next?

where to next?

Welcome to my page of Travel, where you can find every travel related post. If you’re looking for something specific, try using the search bar above my head or check the menu under travel. Bon Voyage!


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